The 2017 Evergreen District Championship Quartet is Marksmen

We’re Mark, Brian, Joseph and Josh and we get a kick out of singing with each other! But on top of that, we have a vision for what we want to do with Marksmen. We want this group to be fun. Entertaining. Pass the kid test (did your 6 year old fall asleep in the front row? Whatever they were watching didn’t pass the kid test). Of course we love doing interesting, challenging music – but we never stop asking ourselves: how does it make our audience feel? That’s how we choose our music and that’s what we want to give. Thank you for your support – and here’s a little bit about us individually!

Mark Metzger is probably most well known in the barbershop world for winning the 2005 international championships of the Barbershop Harmony Society with his quartet Realtime. He sang baritone with them, and is now trying something completely different and challenging – being the lead singer! Mark sings with the Squares and in the past has sung with the Phoenix Chamber Choir as well as a bunch of other fantastic barbershop quartets – viaVoice, The Edge and Counterpoint! Mark is an occupational therapist specializing in hand therapy, and he has a wonderful family – he’s married to Megan, and together they raise their kids, Sully and Delila, with lots of love.

Brian Hamm is an incredibly talented bass singer and all around really nice guy, most recently lending his skills to his other barbershop quartet, Madison Park, before choosing to take on Marksmen as well. He also sings in the Trinity Western University Masterworks choir and the Squares, and previously performed with barbershop quartet VocalWorks and the Phoenix Chamber Choir.  Brian is a devoted family man, to wife Michelle, and kids Malaina, Calan and twins Aleah and Lauren. And he’s an engineer – neat!

Joseph Livesey sings the high notes on tenor! He also sings with Vox Antiqua, which he helped found, and the Bellingham Chamber Chorale, whose board he also serves on. A California transplant, he’s traveled and competed for the last ten years or so in various choral and contemporary a cappella ensembles (viaVoiceSoundStageFermata Nowhere and the Mt. San Antonio College Chamber Singers) before jumping into barbershop in the Pacific Northwest. And he’s a business banker!

Josh Honrud sings the coveted baritone part (we say coveted to make it sound super cool, because we’re really just giving him all the hardest stuff to sing). He also sings with quartets the New Originals and Guardians of the Harmony, and the Mt. Baker Toppers chorus whose board he also serves on. Josh works in commercial and residential restoration for Whatcom County. He’s dating the wonderful Emma, and traveling across the U.S. border every week to hang out with her. Did we mention half of the quartet is in the U.S. and half is in Canada?

So that’s us!

To contact Marksmen:  email  /  Facebook