Ocean Shores 2020


QCED Annual Show

On February 22, 2020
At Ocean Shores Convention Center

The Quartet Champions of the Evergreen District present their second annual show in Ocean Shores, Washington at the Ocean Shores Convention Center at 7:00 PM on February 22, 2020. Every quartet on the show is either an Evergreen District Barbershop Quartet Champion or an International Seniors Quartet Champion. Plus, the QCED Chorus will wow you!

On behalf of the Convention Center staff, I would like to thank you for bringing such a beautiful concert to our fair City. I believe the turnout was the largest I have seen for an evening concert in my years of service to this facility. You are all SPECTACULAR!! Everywhere I went today, people were raving about the quality of performances and hopeful that you are returning next year.

You get an “A” for brightening up our evening. I hope to hear from you soon to be able to confirm your concert for February 2020. Again, thank you all for sharing your talents. Cheryl @ the sunny beach.

Cheryl Turner

General Manager, Ocean Shores Convention Center

Press Coverage

By SCOTT D. JOHNSTON More than 40 singers performed at the Ocean Shores Convention Center Saturday night with a broad range of songs and styles all performed by barbershop quartets. Show chair Ted Chamberlain explained the annual winter concert by the Quartet...

Ocean Shores Concert 2020 and beyond!

What now? Ocean Shores, Washington There are enough of us that we also perform as a chorus, and if I do say so myself, we are quite good. Starting last year (2019) we held our show at the Ocean Shores, Washington Convention Center. It was most likely our best show...

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